Fruit Cheeses

Our Fruit Cheeses, truly a labour of love, each have an intensely fruity, rich taste. These set, pure fruit preserves are perfect for upturning onto your cheeseboard, offsetting dairy cheeses beautifully. Available in GooseberryDamson and Quince, they are particularly fantastic when accompanied by a warm cheese scone or crisp savoury crackers.

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A fruit cheese is simply a set, sliceable fruit preserve that is destined to be eaten with a variety of dairy cheese. Majestic, delicate and exquisite are just a few words to describe our natural fruity preserves. For a show stopping cheeseboard, run a knife around the outside of the jar and upturn the fruit cheeses on the cheeseboard. Slice a little off and enjoy with a variety of cheeses, crackers and crusty bread - a little goes a long way! Whilst each taste good with any cheese, they are particularly brilliant with the following: Damson Fruit Cheese is deeply fruity, making it a must for strong cheeses like stilton or buttery camembert; Gooseberry Fruit Cheese is intensely gooseberry-ish with a floral sweet-sharp taste which is fabulous for hard cheeses like gouda whilst Quince Fruit Cheese is gorgeously jammy with a sharp tang making it a perfect pair for manchego and sheep’s cheeses. Our outstanding Quince Fruit Cheese is made with rich, juicy quince from Somerset. Nestled amongst Hillside Farm’s apple orchard, find out more about our British quince here.