Mustard is our heritage and we've come a long way since making the UK's first Wholegrain Mustard in 1970. There's a Tracklements mustard for every palate. Go on, dollop, dab, dip and stir into and onto your favourite dishes.

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Wholegrain Mustards and More...

The first batch of Wholegrain Mustard was made in a coffee grinder and to a recipe which William, our founder, discovered in John Evelyn’s 17th century diary. We now make 11 different mustards. Keeping to tradition and to ensure the best possible flavour, we still grind our mustard seed with whole spices right here at Tracklements. We allow the mustard to mature in the barrel for 5 days, stirring daily (see how our mustard is made). Our large selection of smooth and wholegrain mustards are extremely versatile and can be eaten both cold (with meats and cheese or in dips, mayonnaise and vinaigrettes) and hot (stir through stews or turn into a mustard sauce for pork). If you are looking for French mustard to pep up your steak, try Smooth Dijon Mustard (makes a fantastic mustard sauce - just mix it with crème fraiche and season); make your sausages sing with powerful Spiced Honey Mustard or hot, Strong English Mustard and if you’re looking for a yellow mustard with a twist, dig into our smooth horseradish mustard (Tewkesbury Hot Mustard) which was voted one of the Top 50 Foods in Britain by the Great Taste Awards in 2016 .To make an outstanding baloney sandwich, you need mouth-watering Mild Deli Mustard; for a crowd-pleasing mid-week meal, try Original Wiltshire Mustard stuffed chicken (this recipe also works well with French Wholegrain Mustard and Robust Wholegrain Mustard) or for a super vegetarian main, tuck into Punchy Balsamic Mustard grilled aubergine with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. Wonderful!