5 Ways with Original Wiltshire Mustard

This UK’s first wholegrain mustard is grainy and sweet with warm chilli flavour; adding pizazz to roast beef, gammon or mature cheddar, it’s a fantastic addition to meaty sandwiches and does something truly transcendent to cheese on toast!

The Ways:

1.       A midweek meal or Sunday supper; mix Original Wiltshire Mustard with mascarpone and cheddar, stuff chicken breast and wrap in mouth-watering bacon rashers.

2.       Glaze, dollop or dip; why not add Original Wiltshire Mustard to succulent sausages to create a sweet and sticky dish with fabulous flavour.

3.       Swirl a spoonful of Original Wiltshire Mustard into mashed potato to create the perfect partner to salty roast gammon and honey glazed root veg.

4.       Pan-fry boiled Brussel sprouts and lardons of bacon, stirring in Original Wholegrain Mustard to serve adding sweet but warm heat – the perfect accompaniment for roast chicken!

5.       A St David’s Day treat! Stir Original Wiltshire Mustard into gruyère cheese sauce and add to small, tender leeks, sprinkling with breadcrumbs for a scrumptious side.