Every autumn the local community donate their medlar fruit which is then turned into delicious batches of Aromatic Medlar Jelly. For every jar sold, we are putting 25p towards buying bee-friendly medlar trees, and another 25p towards The British Beekeepers Association. Not only will you be getting a delectable jelly but you’ll also be helping our great British bee!

“The Tracklements Save a Bee, Plant a Tree project is a great way to help the conservation of bees. A brilliant scheme to be involved in; donate your medlars or purchase a jar to help.”
Adam Henson, Cotsworld Farm Park

The unusual looking medlar fruit makes delicious jelly which is both fruity and sweet – the perfect accompaniment for roast meats, ham and pork pies.

In the last year alone, the project raised nearly £1,000 towards helping the British bee and there are now over 150 beautiful medlar trees planted across Britain helping our buzzy friends!

See where we have sent our bee-friendly medlar trees so far:

Aromatic Medlar Jelly

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