Add a Tracklement to a sandwich and whether its super simple or a carefully crafted work of art you’ve created something sensational.

A quick lunch, an early evening snack with a cold glass of wine or a light supper when you’re too tired to think of spending time in the kitchen, these nifty handhelds take a minute to prepare, taste divine and work whatever the occasion.


Leftover lamb with yoghurt, Fresh Mint Jelly and lettuce

Red Pepper & Chilli Jelly gives va va voom to a cool cream cheese bagel

Corned beef mixed with Quintessential Brown Sauce and sweetcorn

Sliced Cumberland sausage with Original Onion Marmalade

Westcountry Cheddar, thick-cut ham, Perfect Ploughman’s Pickle & lettuce

Fresh Chilli Jam, bacon, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato

Tinned Tuna, Cucumber & Sweet Pepper Relish, cucumber, red onion

Chicken, Fresh Chilli Jam, cream cheese, watercress

Leftover roast pork with Apple & Sage Jelly

Cold chicken with a mix of Apricot & Ginger Chutney and Mayonnaise

Rare British Beef, Strong Horseradish Cream, sliced beef tomatoes, rocket



Oven Roasted Vegetables with Punchy Balsamic Mustard and peppery rocket


Brie, Sliced apple and Redcurrant Jelly


Beetroot & Horseradish Relish, Goats’ Cheese, tomatoes, rocket


Falafel, shredded spinach, a spread of humous, Fresh Chilli Jam, sliced beef tomato.


The Reuben – Pastrami, sauerkraut, melted Emmental and Dill Mustard Sauce

The Rarebit – mouthwatering melted cheese given oomph by British Beer Mustard

Steak Baguette with Caramelised Red Onion Relish

Olive, anchovy and Onion Marmalade Bruschetta with blue cheese garnish

Caramelised Red Onion toasts with blue cheese and walnuts

Mushroom, bacon and onion toasts with a mustardy creme fraiche dressing

Sticky Fig, melted mozzarella and prosciutto on grilled foccacia

Classic Croque Monsieur with Smooth Dijon and Green Tomato Chutney