As part of our commitment to put more in than we take out, we work with our local school to make our delicious English Crabapple Jelly. It’s a project full of fun, facts and food and teaches the children about the great British tradition of making preserves.

25p from the sale of every jar of English Crabapple Jelly goes to the school. On top of that we give 50p for every kilogram of crabapples the school children collect and give us.

Over the years, you’ve helped raise around a whopping £10,000 for the school and local youth groups – thank you!

English Crabapple Jelly is amazing in a cold pork and stuffing roll and is excellent with roast meats – have we tempted you to try some?

If you have any crabapples you’d like to put towards this good cause, just drop them into us at our HQ: Whitewalls, Easton Grey, SN16 0RD (01666 827 044, open 9am-5pm Monday – Friday) from September 1st – September 30th.