Planet-Friendly Condiments

We only use 100% sustainable, environmentally friendly electricity.

It’s not only our ingredients that we source with care and attention. We also work with ethical energy provider Good Energy to ensure that 100% of the electricity we use is renewable and sustainable so we can go about our condiment making – and you, your condiment eating – with a righteous glow. We installed our first solar panels in March 2013 and completed our second stage installation in July 2014 and now have over 10,000 sq ft of solar panels!

In the height of summer, we operate on 100% ‘home-grown’ electricity. When windy winter comes, we are able to switch to importing renewable electricity from Good Energy which has been sustainably generated. Power generated from solar energy last year was 104 mWh which is enough energy to boil 1,038,250 kettles or to keep your Tracklements ketchups cool in a fridge for 284 years – although we know you would have devoured them by then!

Tracklements Solar Panels

Your goodies will arrive in recyclable packaging!

When you order Tracklements directly from us, not only will you get the best quality, most scrumptious products but you can also rest assured that our packaging is green too:

“I would just like to say that my whole family were very impressed by your green packaging – we love the product too, but the biodegradable packing nuts were gone in 60 seconds and used to water the lawn, the bubble wrap bags went straight on the compost and the box went into the recycling, which meant only 2 minutes work to dispose of all the packaging and no worries about it taking up a landfill site and polluting the planet.

If it was in our power to give you a gold medal, we would. In future when we get goods from other sources packed in plastic, we are going to hold your company up as an example and request that they follow suit.”

Judy – Happy customer

Waste Water Treatment

A few years ago we decided to implement our own on-site waste water treatment system! The system enables us to clean our waste water so that the requirements of the Environment Agency are met and our waste water can be safely discharged into the watercourse. Why do this? Well it means we were able to reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding tankering waste which we think is very important.


ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised environmental standard. In order to achieve it, we have to make sure we’re managing not only how we make our products, but our supply chain and waste streams in a responsible manner, minimising our impact on the environment. Hello planet-friendly pickles!

You may have realised by now, we care about protecting our environment! We use this partner to support our green agenda and to ensure that we are fully compliant with legislation surrounding our environmental responsibility as a supplier.