5 Ways with Chilli Jam

This sticky, sweet and smouldering jam boasts delicate heat from fistfuls of wonderfully flavoursome fresh red chillies, with fewer than 10 ingredients and winner of 8 Great Taste Awards! An extraordinarily versatile addition to any meal, these are some of our favourite ways to enjoy this lip-smacking Fresh Chilli Jam:

The Ways:

1.      Fried scrambled or poached; Why not try our ‘Baked Eggs’ recipe for a bold brunch. Stir a few table spoons in with tomatoes alongside red onion, garlic, coriander stirred in with spinach making pockets for your eggs to bake. Topped off with cubes of Feta, this makes a great start to the day even better.

2.      Need a colourful addition to your BBQ platter or just looking to spice up some fresh prawns? Add Fresh Chilli Jam to a bowl of crushed garlic, lime juice and pepper to make the perfect marinade or glaze for ‘Barbecued Prawns’.

3.      Brighten up your midweek movie snacks at home with ‘Fresh Chilli Jam, Cream Cheese and Coriander Dip’ or ‘Fresh Chilli Jam Guacamole’. Perfect partners for nachos, crudities or toasted pittas.

4.      Searching for ways to spice up your summertime picnic? Add ‘Fresh Chilli Jam’ as a hidden layer when baking a cheese and tomato quiche, as the perfect partner inside of a chicken sarnie or even as a scrumptious sticky-sweet dip for mini scotch eggs or sausages.

5.      Feeling a little healthier? Brighten up a lusciously green salad or team with earthy grains. Try ‘Green Goodness Slaw with Fresh Chilli Jam’: our quick and simple recipe for a tasty side or delicious meal.

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