Creating a Delectable Cheeseboard

Perfect for sharing with family and friends, creating a showstopping cheeseboard can be a work of art! A delicious one at that! However we know how many options there are out there so we’ve created a list of some of our tried and tested favourite pairings. Afterall, the finest artisan cheeses deserve the finest condiments!

Pairings for Cheddar: From the farmhouse or the creamery, raw milk or pasteurised, the flavour of Cheddar varies enormously.

Original Onion Marmalade: Sweet and rich with a gentle tang, Onion Marmalade perfectly balances the strong, nutty and robust taste of the mature king of cheese.

Spiced Plum Chutney:  A good sharp, fruity and well spiced single fruit chutney, made with Stanley Plums perfectly complements mild, creamy Cheddars.


Pairings for lactic territorials: Cheshires, Lancashires and Wensleydales have a beautiful acidity and cool texture which can be enhanced with a sweet, fruity chutney.

Apricot & Ginger Chutney: The sweetness of the apricots with the warmth of ginger makes the most of a cool, crumbly Cheshire cheese or buttery Lancashire.

Caramelised Red Onion Relish: Cheese and chutney alchemy.  The gentle acidity of Wensleydale perfectly offset by intense, caramelised onions.


Pairings for hard mountain cheeses and hard sheeps’ cheese

Quince Fruit Cheese: Gorgeously jammy and rich with a sharp tang, it’s the business with manchego and other sheeps’ cheeses.

Gooseberry Fruit Cheese: A rich, concentrated set fruit preserve with a floral sweet-sharp gooseberry taste.


Pairings for bloomy rind cheeses: Perfect partners – a mild and creamy brie or a sweet and buttery camembert united with a fruity, tangy chutney.

Cranberry, Port & Orange Sauce: Fruity and tart cranberries are ideal for cutting through gooey, ripe brie.

Damson Fruit Cheese: Sweet sharp damsons in perfect harmony with buttery camembert.


Pairing for goats’ cheese

Sticky Fig Relish: A marriage made in heaven. The sharpness of the smooth, pungent goats’ cheese is beautifully offset by the richness of this incredibly ‘figgy’ relish.


Pairing for Blue Cheese: The strong, dense, velvety soft blues demand a vibrant fruity chutney to show off their complex flavours and richness.

Apple &  Cider Brandy Chutney: A classic apple chutney with depth and character, this chutney is the perfect match for a strong, earthy blue.


Pairing for washed rind cheese

Country Garden Chutney: The champion of the cheeseboard – this sweet, tangy and subtly spiced chutney is perfect for pungent, ‘stinky’, full flavoured cheeses.