Keep the Crunch: Sweetcorn Relish Recipe

Give your burgers and hotdogs a sweet crunch with this sweetcorn relish recipe. Ideal in both the summer and autumn, this relish also goes well with sandwiches, fish, roasted chicken, a cheese omelette or a pasta salad, so if you really fancy adding a tang to your meals, this is an amazing addition.

Sweetcorn Relish Recipe:

Tracklements Sweetcorn Relish (Makes 6 Jars)

Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate

Time (Cooking): 45 minutes


– 1kg sweetcorn kernels, fresh or frozen/tinned
– 300g red pepper, diced to 1/2 cm
– 300g green pepper, diced to 1/2 cm
– 200g onion, diced
– 250g celery, diced
– 450ml cider vinegar
– 350g raw cane sugar
– 30g mustard powder
– 2tsp yellow mustard seeds
– 1tsp celery seed
– 25g salt
– 20g cornflour with 20ml water
– 1 finely chopped chilli


1. Strip the kernels off the corn cobs if you are using fresh, or wash and drain if using tinned.

2. Dice the peppers, onion and celery.

3. Put the vinegar and the sugar into a pan and heat until the sugar is melted, and then bring to the boil and add the vegetables. Stir well.

4. Add the mustard seeds and the mustard powder along with the celery seed, the salt and the chilli.

5. Boil for 30 minutes stirring regularly

6. Mix the cornflour and water to make a paste and stir this into the relish.

7. Bring back to the boil and continue to boil until the desired consistency is reached.

Advice on preparing, making and enjoying your Sweetcorn Relish recipe:

You can use fresh corn on the cob by using a knife to cut the kernels off, or use tinned or fresh if time is at a premium. This recipe won’t keep you indoors too long, a quick hour to chop the veg and stir them into the sugar and vinegar, before adding the spices, and then you can put on your wellies and go and enjoy the best the season has to offer.