Our packaging is Eco-friendly – HURRAH

It’s not only our ingredients that we source with love and care…we also want to do our bit for the environment.

When you order Tracklements directly from us, not only will you get the best quality, most scrumptious products but you can also rest assured that our packaging is green too:

“I would just like to say that my whole family were very impressed by your green packaging – we love the product too, but the biodegradable packing nuts were gone in 60 seconds and used to water the lawn, the bubble wrap bags went straight on the compost and the box went into the recycling, which meant only 2 minutes work to dispose of all the packaging and no worries about it taking up a landfill site and polluting the planet.

If it was in our power to give you a gold medal, we would. In future when we get goods from other sources packed in plastic, we are going to hold your company up as an example and request that they follow suit.” Judy – Happy customer

…and if that weren’t enough… we also work to an ethos of British Fair Trade, working with suppliers and growers, to support British and minimise food miles. We also installed solar panels on our factory roof – our electricity is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly – you can see more here!