Perfect Pairings: Damson Fruit Cheese and Brie

The name “cheese”, with regards to fruit cheese, comes from  an historical habit of reusing old cheese moulds to make them in. Their origin lies in ensuring all the fruit from a harvest was used instead of going to waste. The same is true now and these fruity little pots are truly a labour of love;  concentrated, set fruit preserves are sensational with dairy cheeses. Either use from the jar or run a hot knife around the inside of the jar and upturn on the cheeseboard.

Our recipe for Damson Fruit Cheese is borrowed from Guy’s mother, who, every September, won herself an afternoon of peace and quiet by sending her kids out armed with ladders and buckets to find and collect the damsons that lined the hedgerows.

The rich, fruitiness of damsons is the perfect partner for soft, ripe Brie.