5 Ways with Spiced Honey Mustard

Looking for something different? Why not try out our Spiced Honey Mustard uses to add bite and interest to some super suppers? This 5 times award-winner is warm, sweet and packs a feisty punch. The perfect combination of wholegrain mustard seeds and honey, black peppercorns, allspice and chillies results in a powerful mustard which is a superb ingredient to transform the normal to the sublime. We’ve put together five of our favourite Spiced Honey Mustard uses:


The Ways:

1.  A winter warmer or a mouth-watering canapé; Sausage and Spiced Honey Mustard Rolls are the perfect autumn/winter companion. Spread a layer of Spiced Honey Mustard onto pastry before adding sausage meat to lift your sausage rolls to a whole new level! Make now!

2. As roast dinners become a weekly staple once more, why not glaze a sensational salty roast gammon with Spiced Honey Mustard; Perfect with roasted parsnips, potatoes and veg.

3. Looking for Meat Free Monday inspiration? Then look no further! Add a teaspoon of Spiced Honey Mustard to your Bubble & Squeak before cooking to give it sweet and subtle heat.

4. Spruce up a shortcrust pastry Chicken Pie by stirring in a few spoonfuls of Spiced Honey Mustard into the sauce; Pair with smooth mash or some crispy, thick-cut chips for a flavoursome feast.

5. Mighty Mustard Mash! Soup up your midweek meals with a dollop of Spiced Honey Mustard folded into your creamy mashed potatoes.

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