When Life Gives Us Lemons: Lemon Mustard Recipe

If you’re needing a little zing to add to your dishes, then this lemon mustard recipe goes amazingly in a potato salad when mixed with a spot of mayo, or just as a general salad dressing. It also packs a punch alongside grilled or barbecued chicken.

Lemons Mustard Recipe:

Tracklements’ Organic Lemon Mustard (makes 12 small jars)

Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate

Time (Cooking): 5 minutes (not including maturing time)


– 60m Lemon Juice (2 lemons)
– 30ml Lemon Pulp (2 lemons)
– 15g Lemon Zest (1 lemon)
– 30g Sea Salt
– 900ml Cider Vinegar
– 600ml Water
– 346g Yellow Mustard Seed
– 346g Brown Mustard Seed
– 8g Black Peppercorns
– 3g Dried Birdseye Chillie


1.        Into a large container (we personally use barrels) pour the vinegar, water, lemon juice, lemon zest, lemon pulp and sea salt. Stir until the salt is dissolved.

2.       Cover and leave overnight.

3.        Grind the mustard seeds, peppercorns and Birdseye chillies on a fine grind. You could use a small coffee grinder or a pestle and mortar, although this would take some time.

4.       Add the ground mustard and spices to the vinegar mix and stir really thoroughly.

5.        Leave to mature for up to 7 days. This lets the mustard mature and get a balanced flavour. As the mustard ages it should go from a runny liquid to quite a stiff mix. Put into jars. (There is no need to sterilise your jars for mustard.)

Advice on preparing, making and enjoying your Lemon Mustard:

We suggest grinding the mustard seeds together with the Birdseye chillies and peppercorns so that the spices’ essential oils are present in the final mustard. As you add the spices to the vinegar mix and stir it, it’ll start to resemble a runny wholegrain mustard at first, before thickening up over hours and days. It needs stirring every day for seven days, so don’t forget to set a reminder!

We know you’ll simply love this Lemon Mustard recipe from Tracklements! If you’ve got any super suggestions or tasty thoughts of what this can go with, we’d love to hear in the comments below.