Green Peppercorn Mustard Recipe

Everyone loves a good steak, so why not accompany it with this green peppercorn mustard recipe. Also adds a kick to a ham or a terrine, so if you’re looking to liven your dishes up, this is ideal.

Green Peppercorn Mustard Recipe:

Tracklements’ Green Peppercorn Mustard makes 6 small jars

Difficulty: Easy

Time (Cooking): 10 minutes (not including maturing time)


– 150g yellow mustard seeds
– 80g brown mustard seeds
– 3g black peppercorns
– 2g allspice berries
– 1g dried chillies
– 15ml green peppercorns in brine
– 340ml cider vinegar
– 230ml water
– 10g salt


1.       Grind the mustard seeds and spices together with a stick blender or a coffee grinder/pestle and mortar.

2.      Whizz the green peppercorns with a stick blender very briefly – you don’t want to turn them into a mush, just to break them up a little.

3.       Put the water, cider vinegar, peppercorns and salt into a large bowl, add the seeds and then stir.

4.      Leave the mustard mix to mature for up to 4 days, stirring each day.

5.       You could give the final mixture a short whizz with your stick blender before putting into jars.

Advice on preparing, making and enjoying your Green Peppercorn Mustard:

When it comes to making this recipe, you’ll need to be exact about the amount of vinegar used in the mustard for the preserving process to work properly. As a side effect of this, you’ll have to measure out some rather odd amounts of spices to get the right taste overall, as we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want this to be too vinegary or for the preserving process to be off!

We know you’ll simply love this Green Peppercorn Mustard recipe from Tracklements! If you’ve got any super suggestions or tasty thoughts of what this can go with, we’d love to hear in the comments below.