5 Ways with Strong Horseradish Cream

Made with British horseradish and fresh cream, this 13 times award winner boasts strong flavour and heat whilst being the perfect ingredient for creating mouth-watering meals and delectable drinks.

The Ways:

1. Add heat to a midweek meal and swirl a spoonful into creamy mashed potato. Serve with pan-fried steak or mushroom casserole.

2. Looking for an amazing appetiser? Why not dollop on top of miniature roast beef Yorkshire puddings to share with family and friends.

3. To make your teatime terrific, spread a layer on toast with sliced beetroot and smoked trout or eel.

4. Create a super easy supper and stir a spoonful into hot pasta with smoked salmon and asparagus. Make now!

5. Hosting a party and serving cocktails? Upgrade a classic and add a spoonful to a Bloody Mary for extra heat and flavour.

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