Celebrating 50 Years of Mustard Making: Quote from our friend Sophie Grigson

As part of our 50th birthday celebrations we asked some of our friends to share their first memories of Tracklements. Famed English cookery writer and celebrity cook, Sophie Grigson, remembers:

When I was young, my parents occasionally took me to a small restaurant in the Wiltshire town of Calne.   It was presided over by an incredibly tall, welcoming man who became a family friend – William Tullberg.  Around that time he started experimenting with home-made mustard, grinding the seeds, as far as I recall, in an old coffee mill.   From this grew this wonderful mustard and relish empire that is marking its 50th birthday.   

It must, then, have been in Tracklements’ infancy, that William brandished an enormous knife, rain dripping from hair, fingers and blade, at my father’s and my combined 96th birthday party.  Before him was a huge, succulent ham, which he sliced gleefully despite the grim summer weather.   The ham was, of course, surrounded by a fine array of his mustards.   An uncompromisingly magnificent sight all round.”

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