Nifty Upcycling of your Tracklements Jars

Tracklements jars are made from glass and our lids from metal – both infinitely recyclable.

However, they’re not only recyclable but useful too – here are some of our favourite nifty ways to upcycle your jar. How do you use yours?


Use as a vase for posies – Jazz up your jar using acrylic paints to decorate!

Garden Twine Dispenser

Drill a hole in the lid and use as a nifty garden twine dispenser

Button Jar

Keep small items like buttons or stationery together

Bits and Bobs

We all have those bits and bobs around our house. Keep them together and contained in your favourite Tracklements jar.

Garlic Clove Keeper

Your new kitchen helper – keep garlic cloves in their place!

Coffee Table Candle Holder

The illustration on our labels add character to a coffee table candle holder

Grow Your Own

Who doesn’t love a little mustard greens in their sarnie? Head back to your school days – pop some mustard (or cress!) seeds in a little compost and watch them grow. Great for the kids too.

Mini Jar Tea Light Holder

When you’ve devoured all the chutney from your mini jar, pop a tea light in and bring a soft cosiness to your house.