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The Last Spoonful

Even the most ardent of condiment-lovers will, on some occasions, find a random jar tucked away in the back of the cupboard or hiding behind the butter in the fridge with just a spoonful left in the jar… just a step away from fulfilling its destiny of transforming your fodder!

On the flip side, if it’s your leftovers which are looking to be turned into fabulous feasts, Tracklements are your friend.

Make the most of that last morsel in your jar with our favourite tried and tested ways to transform with a tea(or table)spoon:

  • In mayonnaise, hollandaise, vinaigrette and béchamel sauce
  • Stirred into Gravy (and onion gravy)
  • Potatoes (mashed, boiled, baked or new potato salad)
  • Stirred through creme fraiche or yoghurt to be mixed through raw, julienned celeriac
  • With fried mushrooms
  • Spread on a crouton for a soup or a stew
  • With smashed avocado and poached egg
  • In cheese sauce
  • In scrambled eggs
  • With any roast meat
  • A glaze for carrots and parsnips
  • On fish (mackerel or halibut)
  • On Welsh Rarebit
  • In Yorkshire pudding batter
  • In cheese straws
  • In devilled eggs
  • In mac ‘n’ cheese
  • In sausage rolls
  • On Croque Monsieur
  • In any sandwich, but particularly Ham Cheese or Sausage

We make sure our recipes are simple to make, yet scrummy in the tummy. Take a look for other ways to transform leftovers, use the last spoonful, or simply mix up mid-week meals.