**We are accepting crabapple donations!**

For over 10 years we have been working with the children of local primary schools to pick as many crabapples as we can to make our delectable English Crabapple Jelly. Not only does it show the children the provenance of their food, it also hearts back to the origins of British preserve making.

50p per kilo of crabapples collected is donated to the school alongside 25p from the sale of every jar going to a charity of the school's choice. English Crabapple Jelly is amazing in a cold pork and stuffing roll and is also excellent with roast meats! 

Last year’s collection and sale of English Crabapple Jelly raised over £700! A big thank you to everyone who donated crabapples and bought a jar. 

If you have any crabapples you won’t be using and would like to support the local school, we would love them! All you need to do is drop them off at Tracklements, Whitewalls, Easton Grey, SN16 0RD (01666 827044, open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday) from the beginning of September until Friday the 27th October.