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A Recipe by Mark Hix: Welsh Rabbit (Rarebit) with British Beer Mustard

A note from Mark:  For years, like most people, I thought rarebit was correct and rabbit was a misprint or used by someone who had been getting it wrong since the inevitable childhood misunderstanding. If anything it’s the other way round. After reading what reputable food writers such as Jane Grigson have to say on the subject I’ve become determined to see the return of ‘rabbit’ – the original name for cheese on toast. That’s what it started off as in the early 1700s when there was a difference between English, Scottish and Welsh rabbits. Maybe the rarebit adaption was a Welsh joke that caught on, or it was thought to sound more refined. Anyway, Welsh Rabbit is a refined cheese on toast with savoury additions.


Simmer the Guinness until it has reduced by half, add the cream and then reduce this by half again until it is really thick. Leave to cool then mix with the other ingredients, except the bread, and season to taste. Toast the bread on both sides, spread the cheese mixture on top to the edges to avoid the bread burning, about 1cm thick, and grill on a medium heat until nicely browned.


Serves: 4

80ml Guinness
80ml double cream
150g Cheddar cheese, grated
2 egg yolks
2tsp Worcester sauce
2-3tsp Tracklements British Beer Mustard
salt and pepper
4  slices bread – a small bloomer-style loaf is ideal

British Beer Mustard 140g

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