5 Ways with Sweet Mustard Ketchup

It’s no exaggeration to say that our Sweet Mustard Ketchup never fails to stun and delight every time we get it out for Trackle-fans to taste. A sweet piquancy, a good strong kick and a regal shade of yellow – this stuff is like bottled sunshine. We make it with a combination of wholegrain and smooth mustards and a measure of spices for perfect balance.

When at shows across the country, people often ask “how would I eat it?” – here are some of our favourite ways to consume this culinary marvel:

Mixed with honey and used as a simple marinade. We have a great recipe for Barbecued Sticky Chicken Thighs but it’s also superb used to marinade a host of other eats – why not try it on halloumi? Or baste your steaks and chops!

Want to become a barbecue legend? Rock up with a bottle of this stuff, pour generously on hot dogs and sit back and wait for the glory.

Follow our recipe for our 3 ingredient warm potato and bacon salad – it makes a sensational dressing (not to be sniffed at on a regular salad either).

Brighten up your mayonnaise before spreading on your favourite sarnie – the sweet, warm kick will ensure you never go back to ordinary lunchtime eats again!

We’re partial to a dollop in mac and cheese sauce – a kind warmth and dash of sweetness can’t fail to cheer when curling up to eat this heart-hugging fare on a Sunday evening in front of a good film.

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