Pickles are the condiment champions of crunch and our handmade offering showcase their trophies with pride. Both classic Particularly British Piccalilli and Perfect Ploughman's Pickle are wonderful for adding flavour to cold meats and cheese and who can resist a tangy pickle spread in a mature Cheddar sandwich! 

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Pickle Spreads and More...

Pickling is where preserving all began and sticking to tradition, we only make pickles that are truly charming, with a good crunch and bite that invigorates the palate and livens up the meal. Their beautifully striking flavours will turn your snack into a feast. Enjoy some pickle spread on a pork pie this weekend and add a traditional British pickle to your shopping basket. Our version of this curious mustard pickle, Particularly British Piccalilli, is an all-time favourite and essential if you live in the land of pork pies, scotch eggs, ham or Cheddar cheese. This pickle is fiery, creamy and has a mustardy tang. It will serve you well no matter what the British weather does to your summer picnic plans. Our 5 top ways to eat Piccalilli: 1) With thick-cut gammon, egg and chips. 2) Spooned on top of a pork pie wedge. 3) With ham hock terrine and warm, crusty bread. 4) With cold meats and strong Cheddar. 5) Mixed into a potato salad to give it an extra crunch! Our Perfect Ploughman's Pickle is a perfect all-rounder and a cupboard staple due to its toothsome crunch, sweet tang and sharp bite. Our 5 top ways to eat it: 1) With a classic Ploughman's lunch. 2) In a thick-cut ham sandwich. 3) With terrines or rich pâtés. 4) Slathered on buttery baked potatoes. 5) Mixed into a hearty meat stew or shepherd's pie.