Fantastic with grills, roasts, barbecues and in hot sandwiches, our 100% natural ketchups are essential for livening up any meal. Full-bodied, juicy and addictive, you will never look back once you open a bottle. 

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Posh Tomato Ketchup and More...

If you are looking for a posh tomato ketchup, stock up on classic Proper Tomato Ketchup(just like homemade ketchup!) or go for the hotter Spicy Tomato Ketchup. Make your bacon sarnies sing with tangy Quintessential Brown Sauce or Sweet Mustard Ketchup and be a barbecue legend with our Sticky Barbecue Sauce. Not just for dolloping on your burger or on the side of the plate, they also make outstanding marinades and bases for sauces. Whichever ketchup(s!) you decide to go for, may you always have a bottle on hand when tucking into a full English! If you like our Spiced Honey Mustard, you’ll love Sweet Mustard Ketchup. To make the most out of your versatile bottle of sweet mustard sauce, why not try this chicken thigh recipe at your next barbecue, delight the whole family with mustardy mac and cheese or try mixing it into warm potato salad for a super side dish. For sublime tomato ketchup recipes that spin traditional ways of using ketchup on their head, make easy Spicy Tomato Ketchup tapas for your friends this weekend, try a Middle Eastern inspired marinade for lamb steaks or for a posh tomato ketchup tang, stir Proper Tomato Ketchup through stews and casseroles.