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Quick! With our Special Editions, when they're gone, they're gone! They rarely stay on the shelves for long and with good reason, they are phenomenal! We only use the finest, natural ingredients and make them in the same time-honoured way as our main range products. 

We also use this page to recommend products which are particularly good at this time of year so keep your eyes peeled for the best of the seasons.

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Smoky Chilli Sauce
Smoky Chilli Sauce
It’s not called chilli sauce without reason. A good pinch of Smoked Chipotle and Scotch Bonnet Chillies along with tomatoes, red peppers, cider vinegar, coriander and lime juice delivers a hot, yet sweet and sour combo that, quite simply, makes burgers delectably better.

"No BBQ will ever be the same again. Marinade your chicken in it, dip your burger in it, pour it in your mouth. Move over Heinz, I've got a new favourite." The Jady Brunch


"Where’s there’s smoke, there isn’t always fire. This chipotle, lime and coriander-laden sauce is an easy way to bring smoky flavour to your dish without having to get the coals out." Foodism

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Special Edition Sauces and Condiments...

Our Trackle-experts carefully and lovingly create new outstandingly tasty limited edition products 3 times a year. Whether they are spicy condiments, curry condiments or BBQ condiments, they are the seasonal must-haves, so make sure you add a jar to your basket! One extraordinary Special Edition is our Aromatic Medlar Jelly. To do our bit for nature, every autumn the local community donate their unusual looking medlar fruit which would otherwise go to waste. We then then turn the medlars into delicious fruit jelly. For every jar sold, 50p goes towards buying bee-friendly medlar trees and so far we have sent out 100 trees to lovely people all across the country to help the bees.  To see where the trees have gone click here.  A dollop of this fragrant savoury jelly will revolutionise a plate of cold meats and cheeses alongside being a cracking choice in a hot roast pork roll, so not only will you be getting a delectable jelly if you pick up a jar but you'll also be helping our great British bee! Now doesn't that make you feel warm and buzzy? TV Presenter Adam Henson says, “The Tracklements Save a Bee, Plant a Tree project is a great way to help the conservation of bees. A brilliant scheme to be involved in; donate your medlars or purchase a jar to help.” As you've guessed, Special Editions don't stick on the shelves for long, so quick, get a Special Edition jar before it's gone!