Karen Barnes

Celebrating 50 Years of Mustard Making: Quote from our friend Karen Barnes

As part of our 50th birthday celebrations we asked some friends of Tracklements to share with us their memories. Karen Barnes, famed foodie and editor of Delicious Magazine, recalls her thoughts of Tracklements:

I first came across Tracklements at my grandma’s house in Cornwall. She used to buy the mustard, and because she was a great, traditional cook, the brand became associated in my mind with happy food memories. Now, whenever I see a Tracklements label I’m drawn to it – especially if it’s something new to try. I always have a jar of onion marmalade in my cupboard as it’s so useful as a base for savoury tarts (on top of blind-baked shortcrust, giving a layer of sweet-savoury complexity underneath a quiche-style filling) or on a puff pastry tart topped with goat’s cheese and whatever else I have to hand. A spoonful or two works well in casseroles, too, giving extra punch to the flavour. I love it!

Karen Barnes

Here’s what some of our other friends have to say: