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Peanut Butter & Fresh Chilli Jam Cheeseburger


To start this perfect burger recipe, you’ll want to put your Jolly Cow burgers on the BBQ. BBQ burgers just always taste better but if you don’t have a BBQ, you can still make this beef burger recipe under the grill or in a frying pan.

Once they’ve cooked fully on one side, flip them and let them continue to cook until they’re caramelised and crispy.

Once the burgers are fully cooked, slice some of our Vintage cheddar cheese into thin slices and top your burger patty with it whilst it’s still on the BBQ. Let that melt for a couple of minutes until it has gone gooey and created your cheeseburger.

Add the Streaky Bacon to the BBQ next and remove once it’s cooked.

Toast your brioche burger bun for a minute or so on the BBQ and then coat the bottom bun with peanut butter. Next up, add the double cheeseburger patties.

Add your rocket next, and then spread chilli jam onto the top half of your brioche bun. The rocket and chilli jam add a nice spiciness and sweetness to the burger.

Squish down your top lid of your burger and tuck in!

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